By Allgood Sumayya

Hearing the beautiful snippets of love
songs on repeat in my head
Feeling the rapid flutter of my heart
deeply connecting to yours
The warmth of your presence filling
the empty spaces in my soul
I can not fathom what it would cost me to give you up
Or lose sight of the fact that there’s an unavoidable
strong presence of undying love
knowing no bounds
in the depth of my heart and inside my bones


By Allgood Sumayya

Locked into a negative toxic mindset
Stuck in cycles of overwhelmingly repetitive depressing thoughts
leading you down the unnecessarily confusing path
and creating a whirlwind of uncontrollable anxiety and depression

Your toxic mind loves to see reality darker than it is
Because fear continues to dictate your life
and you’re incapable of reasoning anything through
you can’t even defy your inner critic or protect and shield
yourself from the hostility and harshness around you

Lighten the crushing load
and generate a mental concept on how to develop
a more positive outlook and reshape your perception
into seeing things in a positive light

By Allgood Sumayya

Gone are the days when the sight of you made my heart pound wildly

and race like a freight train

The thought of being with you made the blood run warm through my veins

And the thought of losing you

almost cost me my ability to function well

Gone are the days when nothing gave me inner wholeness, renewed purpose, strength and peace like your comforting presence

There was a time I couldn’t face this world without you

because you were the oxygen that kept me alive

The only one I thought of before I closed my eyes

and the first thing that popped into my mind when I opened my eyes

Frankly, I lost my desperation for your presence

You don’t make me feel the way you used to

Why pretend to long for the warmth of the days gone by when deep inside

your constant annoying presence fills my days with pain and sadness

The boring thoughts of you make me feel like I’m on the verge of depression

And everything is going downhill

I hate to admit that you are the biggest mistake in my life

I stubbornly failed to acknowledge before things got out of hand


By Allgood Sumayya

Look what has become of you, an insecure miserable sight drowning in a deep well of emptiness

Entangled in the shadows dancing within

The thunderous pounding of the drums crashing into the unsightly scars on your heart with a ruthless force

Look what you’ve done to yourself,

A sad inadequate soul locked up in a dark cage

Surrounded with solid walls you can’t walk through

The moment you took the focus off the little things that worked in your favor and added meaning to your priceless life

Everything that was within your grasp is now beyond your reach

How you desperately wish God would shine

HIS brightest divine light upon your dull life

Look at your life and see how black, meaningless and broken it is

Many of life’s problems and difficulties are definitely of your own doing

There were many blessings you took for granted when your judgment grew foggy and clouded

Dominating your mind with junk thoughts which became the driving force behind developing a selfish negative money mindset

Every action and every thought motivated by greed and selfishness

You placed a price tag on things that should never carry a price

Thinking you required much in the way of possessions to create a happier life

Look no further, your bleak life is beginning to brighten a little

Now that you’ve learned the hardest life lessons the hard way

The next time you find yourself heading in the wrong direction

in any area of your life you will have enough sense to prioritize positivity and exercise caution before taking any decision

Because you understand that happiness can be borrowed temporarily but it can not be bought permanently by worldly possessions

By Allgood Sumayya

Unshakable purity run through your blood

An army of intelligence and goodness

guard your mind

Protecting it from evil and temptation

Love triumphs and reigns in your humble heart

No evil motive or false flattery resides there

Only inexhaustible sweetness and loveliness fills every inch and corner of your being

You’re a mirror that reflects

excellence and perfection

The whole concept of your existence is poetry to my soul and holds the key to unlimited happiness in my heart

giving life and inspiration to my mind

A spark of gratitude worms through my soul for the gift of your presence in my life


By Allgood Sumayya

It is not an accurate description of my character to sit in judgment or define your limits
But it doesn’t take a genius to realize that you are secure in the knowledge that your own insecurities and limitations are absolutely acceptable errors in
measuring your own abilities and potential strength by your flaws and faults.
The misdirection of your twisted judgement and obsessive thoughts of uncertainty has provided the pathway to anticipating failure and predicting the outcome before you even attempt anything or deal with the challenges in everyday situations because you’ve lost control and the power to convince yourself that you can do just anything you set your mind to.

By Allgood Sumayya

We all want good things to happen in our lives
but we are not waiting for the world
to offer itself freely to us
And we don’t expect life to always roll out the red carpet for us to walk on
Because we’ve walked through the flames of hell to reach the life we truly deserve and want
We are content in our lives and happily pride ourselves on hard work and determination
Success comes down to hard work
We don’t flaunt what we didn’t earn

By Allgood Sumayya

When you took me by the hand and drew me closer

Your rough breath mingled with mine

A lightning bolt so strong shot through me

Sending electric shock waves racing through my heart

When you looked into my eyes I felt love in the warmth of your eyes

Caressing the inner depth of my soul
Convey so much more than words could ever

At that moment I couldn’t breathe,
All the sweet things I wanted to say found no voice

But the sweet moment imprinted indelibly upon my memory
would be a part of me indefinitely

By Allgood Sumayya

There was pain in that direction
You knew how the story would end
Completely aware of the unfaltering
positive emotions pointing to the persistent errors and false beliefs trying to overcrowd your mind
Yet you foolishly threw caution to the wind
And stormed the gates of hell
through a journey of immense darkness
Desperation pushing you to change the’never meant to last forever,’ to ‘forever and for always’
Unwisely hoping to make the unbearable journey mean something beautiful
In the end, your actions and hard work went unnoticed
Pushing pain and patience beyond the limits of your control
Filling your days and nights with unwilling dark memories
beyond your power to banish
And leaving you to fade into that darkest deepest pit
you can’t seem to get out

By Allgood Sumayya

Crushed under the weight of the inexplicable suffering from the pain of feeling unloved and unappreciated,
we blindly let pain drive our choices, actions, and we argue more from emotion than from reason.
But we can defy everything else that we claim to be or define us when completely vulnerable and reconcile to the idea of forgetting about all the misery and pain with which normally fills our days by allowing ourselves to be who we are, as we are,
spending quite a bit of time with ourselves and learn to depend on us to be happy and to enjoy our own company.